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Buying and Selling

Sustainable Buying and Selling


Buying and Selling

Ethical Trade and Sustainable Procurement

Global organisations are expected to always act safely and responsibly and ensure their supply chains are both sustainable and ethical. Achieving this is key to an organisations sustainability strategy.

We will help you develop and implement a sustainable procurement plan. Which will make a positive difference to your business’ sustainability. We will work with your suppliers to streamline the process for you. 

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Life Cycle Analysis

A life cycle analysis (LCA) measures the environmental impact of a product or service throughout the entire production chain and beyond. Performing a life cycle analysis allows you to greatly reduce the products environmental impact, helping to increase resilience and risk management.

We have expertise in providing complex, operation spanning, life cycle analysis. Life cycle analysis is typically carried out alongside a larger scale sustainability project, we will integrate it into your services package.

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Sustainability Appraisals

A Sustainability Appraisal evaluates the social, economic, and environmental impacts of decisions. Sustainability appraisals are crucial for decision makers, ensuring all aspects have been considered. Cala Sustain can help you improve the sustainability of your projects and wider decision making.

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Environmental and Ethical Performance of Products or Services

Consumers and businesses around the world have become more concerned about environmental issues. Ensuring your products have excellent sustainability has never been more important.

88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. Cala Sustain will help you to transform your supply chain from the top down, whilst providing you a platform to map out and report all processes throughout your supply chain. We will support you with specialist advice on how to improve the sustainability performance of products or services. 

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Circular Economy

A Circular Economy aims to keep products and materials in use for longer, improving the productivity of resources. The circular economy concept is fast becoming the accepted model for sustainable growth and is a core component of the EU’s 2050 long-term Strategy to achieve a climate neutral Europe.

We will work with you and your suppliers to map how resources move into, through and beyond your business. Helping you to improving your procurement strategy and become more circular.

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