Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support

Cala Sustain’s innovative work forms the environmental and sustainability requirements essential within all UK defence acquisition. This includes everything from ships to planes, laptops to tents, clothing to food and everything in between. That’s £160 billion of procurement where Cala Sustain's work is making a positive difference to people, the planet and Government business performance.

Further detail: Cala Sustain has developed and authored, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence:

·      the Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS),

·      the Environmental Management Requirements for Defence Systems (DefStan 00-051),

·      the Sustainable Procurement Toolkit and Guide (embedded within the POEMS)

·      the Introduction to Environmental Management in the MoD Acquisition Process (the ‘Defence Green Book’)

Having developed, authored, tested and embedded this policy and guidance, Cala Sustain has an unmatched understanding of the requirements and their practical application.

"Red Scientific has collaborated successfully with the Cala Sustain team on a number of occasions. We have always found them to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, reliable and very experienced across several industry sectors including rail and defence.

In defence, their understanding of environmental and sustainability policy and standards is second to none. Having themselves authored much of the MoD guidance in these areas and having many years in its practical application, their understanding of the issues has been invaluable. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Cala Sustain.

Marc Brule-Walker

Integrated Logistic Support Manager

Red Scientific"