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The three service areas of Strategy Development, Initiative Delivery and Performance Checking are offered to provide a partial, broad brush stroke view of capability.

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Leading you on your first steps or helping to fine tune existing strategy and initiatives.

Providing focus to an individual area, carrying out a quick review or coordinating an organisation wide approach to responsible, sustainable business.


Cala Sustain delivers initiatives that often include:

  • Environmental management / coordination;

  • Sustainable and responsible procurement;

  • Management systems – including integrating systems such as ISO14001 and ISO9001 along with CSR, single or multiple locations/operations;

  • Specialist support for project and programme delivery;

  • Training and coaching;

  • Social value and ethical supply;

  • Cultural and behavioural change;

  • Communications and Reporting;

  • Dashboards and strategic scorecards;

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment;

  • Waste minimisation, mapping, resource efficiency and zero waste;

  • Stakeholder engagement.

Check performance

Getting the most from your initiatives means understanding whether they are meeting both their full potential and your strategic business objectives.

The best way to do this is to measure by utilising a strategic scorecard or undertake a simple process of audits and checks that will help highlight areas for improvement.

Performance checks will also allow a better understanding of where big impact improvements can be made.

Audit and performance checking can also be tailored to ensure compliance with industry standards and legislation.

Audits and performance checks should in turn inform changes in approach to strategy and initiatives.

strategy development

Helping you to understand then integrate responsible business into core business - meeting organisational mission and vision.

It's about defining what sustainability is for you - deciding whats in and whats out!

An effective strategic approach will embed a culture of sustainable business throughout the organisation, enabling initiatives to achieve their full potential.

Embedding a sustainable, responsible approach to business within core strategy is difficult for competitors to copy and also one which your customers will notice.

Developing sustainably and responsibly will increase both longevity and prosperity in a rapidly changing landscape.